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Your Online Parking Meter

Simply post our parking signs at your parking stalls and start earning revenue. Using any mobile device, drivers navigate to, enter their desired length of stay, and complete their booking with one of our streamlined payment options. Drivers can even opt-in to receive a notification 5 minutes before their meter expires incase they need to extend their booking.


How it Works

Using any mobile device, drivers simply navigate to and enter the meter number and desired length of stay. Your meter number is custom to you and tracks all of the transactions that occur. Just set the hourly rate and we’ll send you monthly payments via e-transfer. It's that simple. click here .

Your Online Parking Meter has become the leading platform for online metering. We have streamlined our services allowing anyone to rent out their parking space, whether you're a homeowner, small business, or operations manager. Simply post our 


parking sign at your parking stall and start earning revenue.