Meter Car

How it Works

Simply post our parking signs at your parking stalls and start earning revenue. Using any mobile device, drivers navigate to, enter their desired length of stay, and complete their booking with a credit card payment. Drivers can even opt-in to receive a notification 5 minutes before their meter expires in case they need to extend their booking.


Schedule Your Rates

Traffic flows - and so should your pricing. With My-Meter, you can schedule your parking rates to fluctuate with supply and demand. Whether you're planning for hourly rates, evening and weekend flat rates, or special event pricing, we've got you covered. 

All The Tools You Need

Login to your My-Meter account at anytime to view and download detailed reports of meter payments including the number of transactions, hours booked, and revenues earned. Enforcement is easier than ever with our Live Feed, which presents the status or your parking meters and lets you dispatch a tow truck at the click of a button.